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Narrows Community Theater Presents : The Curious Savage

The Curious Savage (2010)

Cast of Characters

Florence   Audrey Mae DeRocker
Hannibal   Hank Lin
Fairy May   Emily Morrow
Jeffrey   Charles Moran
Mrs. Paddy   Eileen Dreyer
John Thomas   Luca Varisco
Titus   Michael Ables
Samuel   Ben Peacock
Lily Belle   Kelly Ballinger
Mrs. Ethel Savage   Colleen Hayden
Miss Wilhelmina   Hayden Nadine
Dr. Emmett   Al Whidden

Presidents Letter
November  2010

Dear Members and Friends:

“When one door closes, another one opens…” How true is this oft repeated cliché? Meet Mrs. Ethel Savage, who had the door to her dreams closed for many years. When she becomes a widow, her husband leaves her $10 million dollars. The door closes on the life with her husband, but opens on all the charitable “foolish” things she’s always wanted to do.

How crazy is it that she backs a theatrical production that loses money (starring her)? Unfortunately for Mrs. Savage’s stepchildren; they are cut out of the inheritance. When they commit this soft-hearted, blue-haired spirit into the Cloisters Sanitarium, we find that the crazy inhabitants have the wisdom and whimsy that stand normalcy on its head.

Directed by our very own esteemed Dawn Barry Hansen, with a great blend of seasoned NCT’ers and welcomed newbies who will delight you with their interpretation of this 1950’s classic. Originally starring Lillian Gish, and written by Pulitzer-Prize and Tony-Award winning playwright, John Patrick, this comedic and thought-provoking gem is sure to ensure an enjoyable theatrical experience.

And speaking of dreams and doors; as you may know, the door to our recent home, Salem Lutheran, closed on us on September 30, 2010. How coincidental and curious is it that the new head of the Fort Hamilton Army Base, Commander Gould, has decreed that Narrows Community Theater, shut out of the Fort Theater for nine years due to 9/11, has once again allowed the doors to open to NCT?

Come with Narrows Community Theater and Mrs. Savage on a journey to find out that if you only look a little deeper into the hearts of people, curiously, you may find the doors to your dreams, that once have eluded you, open.

Susan Huizinga

Production Staff

Producer   Susan Huizinga
Director   Dawn Barry
Stage Manager   Marialana Ardolino
Set Design/Construction   David Hansen, Dawn Barry
Lighting & Sound   Marialana Ardolino, Dawn Barry
Stage Crew   Andrew Friedland
Costumes   MaryJo Tipaldo
Props   Margaret McMahon
Publicity   Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen
Program   Marialana Ardolino
Cover Design Ann Gubiotti
Ads Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Lobby Board Silvia Varisco
Photographer   Lynn Greer
Ticket Sales   Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Concession   Betty Johnson, Mickey Sullivan, Pat Sloven
Set Painters/Helpers   Michael Ables, Kelly Ballinger, Dawn Barry, Eileen Dreyer, John Dreyer, Andrew Friedland, David Hansen, John Hansen, Colleen Hayden, Chuck Huizinga, Susan Huizinga, Hank Lin, Margaret McMahon, Charles Moran, Emily Morrow, Hayden Nadine, Ben Peacock, Al Whidden
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