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Narrows Community Theater Presents : 42nd Street

42nd Street (2011)

Cast of Characters

Andie Lee   Audrey Mae Derocker
“Anytime Annie” Reilly   Kimberly Anne Venable
Lorraine Fleming   Liza Lucas
Phyllis Dale   Marissa Giglio
Maggie Jones   Cait Farrell
Bert Barry   James Martinelli
Billy Lawlor   Sean Jarrell
Peggy Sawyer   Ashley FOley
Julian Marsh   Michel Schneider
Dorothy Brock   Kate Scott
Abner Dillon   Al Whidden
Pat Denning   Brian Ungaro
Mac Tanager   Jane Cascone
Diane Lorimer   Frankie Thomas
Ethel Hotchkiss   Amanda Szymczak
Gladys   Anna Chazelle


Fatima Afia, Gina Baccari, Jessica Battaglia, Justin Fenniman, Cathleen Giordano, Thomas Kafkalas, Timothy MacDonald, Timothy Ng, Jenna Marie Sparacio, Frank Togni


Markus Hauck, Marty Rawlens, Damian Cremisio, Patty Schmitt
Matt Graves, Gordon Bartow, Phil Smith, Jerrold Kavanagh

Presidents Letter
May 2011

Dear Members and Friends:

We are blessed to bring you our first show in ten years at the Fort Hamilton Army Base Theater. We are so very grateful to Commander Gould, Deputy to the Commander Renee Citron, Rocco Mandile, Sarah Johnson, Cathy SantoPietro, Juan Caez, Andres Siacca and all the fabulous folks who work with us on a daily basis at the Fort. We’ve waited a long time. Thank you.

42nd Street is the story of a small town girl who comes to the big city to make it big. This was the seminal show that created the myth of the  understudy, Peggy Sawyer, played by Bay Ridge neighbor, Ashley Foley, who goes on to become a star. I’m proud of NCT for taking on this classic, a show most theater companies shy away from because of the triple-threat qualifications: acting, singing and tapping. We found those triple-threats and you are in for a treat.

42nd Street
has exceeded expectations, not in terms of entertainment value, but in terms of popularity. Thank you audience for coming out to support us. Without you filling our seats time and again, there would be no NCT. A shout out to our Seniors! This one’s for you.

Directed by awesome NCT newcomer, Tom Berger, with more than 100 shows under his belt; Music Directed by Markus Hauck who once again graces us with his presence and Praise the Lord, we have Jennifer DeVane, whose huge task was to choreograph this dance-heavy spectacle.

Thank you to the entire cast from our very own Board Member, Michel Schneider, who will wow you with his talent, to our newbies, BFF, Jane Cascone.

A word about our sponsors, please support them as they support us. Sit back; relax “on the avenue I’m taking you to, 42nd Street.”

Susan Huizinga

Production Staff

Producer   Susan Huizinga
Director   Tom Berger
Music Director   Markus Hauck
Choreographer   Jennifer DeVane
Stage Manager   Marialana Ardolino
Lighting   Eric Fenniman
Sound   Marialana Ardolino
Stage Crew   Eric Fenniman, Lisa Fenniman, Justin Fenniman, Timothy Madonald, Carmine Pizzirusso
Costumes   Mary Sullivan-Giles, Violeta Gjoka, MaryJo Tipaldo, Lisa Fenniman, Michelle Macdonald
Props   Margaret McMahon
Spotlights   Lisa Fenniman, Michelle Macdonald
Set Design & Construction   Michael Vitucci
Art Design   Jessica Battaglia
Tickets Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Publicity Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Program Marialana Ardolino
Flyers/Cover David Occhino, Meredith Halsey, Mary Halsey
Ads Ann Gubiotti, Pat Knutsen, MaryJo Tipaldo
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Huizinga
Lobby Board Gina Baccari
Photography Eric Fenniman
Hair & Makeup Design Ashley Palmer
Endless Copies Meredith Halsey, Carmine Pizzirusso
Ushers Chuck Huizinga, Joan Seergy, Amy Stark, Maureen Kokeas
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